Ali nails it (40 years ago)

November 15, 2012

Automatic Earth Tribute

June 28, 2010

“Benron Bukkake believing he can control debt-deflation is like your local weatherman believing he controls the climate.” -(paraphrasing) Ilargi

Best quote from weekend reading

June 7, 2010

I do enjoy a good rant:

Modern day Americans are often trapped in lousy, disappointing, soul crushing careers. If they are not divorced already, their marriages are on the rocks. They live far outside of their means, rack up thousands of dollars of debt, and then they work overtime to pay for the toys they never have time to play with. They dedicate their lives to pleasing ungrateful children who won’t amount to much more than they did. Hours of their downtime is spent in front of the television, switching from reality show to reality show, because it is easier to watch other people live life than it is to live their own. In a rare moment of creativity, they might write a secret out on a postcard and send it to a website because they don’t have a single person in real life that they trust enough to share their fears with. They feel all of this on top of the usual human maladies of sickness, death and grief.

[ Violent Acres ]

Another inconvenient question

December 16, 2009

An inconvenient question

December 12, 2009

Currency collpase inevitable?

October 21, 2009

Capital crimes

June 23, 2009

The U.S. is about to go broke and they’ll take us down with them []

America is about to go broke and every Western country, including Canada, will pay the price.

Abortive coup in the US ignored by media, hushed up by TPTB [Info Clearing House]

On the coming neo-feudalism [Animal Spirits]

FEMA’s National Level Exercise scheduled for late July is supposedly a counter-terrorism drill, but I would bet it involves practicing how to impose martial law.

What’s in your bug-out bag? [Chris]

You bought your neighbor a house, you paid off their credit cards, and now you get to buy them a car. Congratulations America, you have now gone full retard.

New, Hard Evidence of Continuing Debt Collapse! [Martin Weiss]

Goldman Sachs has “Self-Actualizing” information on Hyper-Inflation [Goldman Sachs Rules]

“The Greenspan era has nurtured a vast financial sector. All the people in this business need something to do. Since they invest other people’s money, they are biased toward bullish sentiment. Otherwise, if they say it’s all bad, their investors will take back the money, and they will lose their jobs. Governments know that, and create noise to give them excuses to be bullish.” -Andy Xie

The Treasury is really the nasty piece of work, so why does the Fed gets all the blame? [Market Skeptics]

Its a plan to crash our currencies, what comes nexts is special drawing rights, the 2009 name for the Bancor devised by john maynard keynes backed by 12 or so different commodities or the amero. However, it will have the same problems as the dollar, just on a global scale. We want sound money and money that is not issued by globalists. Wake up people there is a worldwide conspiracy going on to bring all of us further into global and regional government. We need currency competition and national soveriegnty all of us. US, Canada Mexico . -Bukkake-sake

Andy Xie: Tight Spot for Fed, Blind Spot for Investors []

“In the long run, all companies go bankrupt.” -Andy Xie

It’s Finished, It’s Over, The Fat Lady has Sung, rotsa ruck [London Review of Books]

De-Dollarization: Dismantling America’s Financial-Military Empire [Prof. Michael Hudson]

Devolution doesn’t threaten the Status Quo, so that’s why it is: Coming Soon! [Of Two Minds]

Middle class household(s) might actually respond with an anger deep and hot enough to become political if their middle-class lifestyle was taken away in one swoop. But devolution insures that the process is akin to the famous analogy of the boiled frog: if the temperature of the water is increased slowly enough, the frog never notices (or so the story goes) that he is being boiled alive.  [Charles Hugh Smith]

In hindsight, perhaps I should have hung on to that storage locker.

Who regulates the regulators?