Contains “violence”

Not R. Budd Dwyer bad, but for you who are feint-hearted, best to give this one a pass.

The gunman was a poor shot. If you go to that CNN link, view the third one down below the fold at ~1:30 in a woman comes and belts him with her purse Ruth Buzzi style.

Brave lady.

So it’s starting to smell a bit like desperation out there. Petty crime is actually up in my safe neighborhood. The rule of law only applies down here on Main Street apparently and a lot of people are waking up to that fact, are pissed off and getting pissier.

In brief: The native are getting restless.

If Eric ‘Place’ Holder would get up off his goddamn chair and start going after some real crims, maybe the people wouldn’t feel so much like they’ve been hung out to dry.


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