Why ZIRP? When you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail

August 22, 2010

The US Central Bank (aka Federal Reserve, Inc.) needs to kill about a billion people so they can save face their busted plans will work. If you own vast tracks of land, or have access to giant earth movers, contact Benron Bukkake or “Turbo” Timmeh Shitener.


Falling back to earth

August 19, 2010

The film below is a space shuttle launch from the perspective of a solid rocket booster, one of the giant white rockets attached to the belly of the shuttle during its ascent. Thanks to a tiny camera and contact microphone attached its frame, you can ride along with it as it sends the shuttle into orbit, then free falls back to earth. There’s not much going on visually until the boosters separate at about the two-minute mark–but after that, it’s a film even Stanley Kubrick would be proud of.

This clip was shot during STS-124, a mission flown by the shuttle Atlantis to deliver a new Japanese module to the International Space Station.

So many unwinnable wars, so little time

August 8, 2010

A plea for common sense

August 7, 2010


August 4, 2010

… from my weekly round trip on foot to the 99er:

  • Four couches strewn along a one block stretch of Huntington Drive (first of the month move-outs, for reasons of course unknown; but this much stuff at once is remarkable)
  • Two individuals pulling trailers (instead of shopping carts) and camped out in public parks with their dogs
  • I’ve noticed from just walking along the sidewalk, more and more little nooks and crannies where people have stashed shopping carts full of ‘belongings’
  • Fewer cars on the road (I could cross the Huntington meridian without waiting for cars to pass me by) it felt like 1978 out there (there are so many cars on the road the world over, the roads are far more crowded, it was quite nostalgic
  • The 99er had only two of 8 registers open, and that was actually adequate (a week ago it was much more crowded). Has there been some significant change in the last week?

Existing during the time of bean-counter hegemony is getting tougher out there.