Smells a bit like Harriet Myers

Has it occurred to anyone else that Elena Kagan is a cypher? She has absolutely no judicial experience. None. Nada. Kagan isn’t even qualified for a lower court position, let alone THE SUPREME COURT.

She comes from that ginormous supply of WH staff who hang around the White House as partisan apparatchiks sycophantic bureaucrats Solicitor Generals typically do, dreaming wishing hoping some magic will eventually rub off. I guess she got her wish.

By choosing Kagan tells us they didn’t look very hard to find a qualified candidate. AS IN: someone with experience. A really qualified candidate would have experience, and a track record open to scrutiny to back that up. An acceptable candidate is one who has made good, tough decisions that were upheld by other courts. Objective criteria.

Unfortunately, we live in a nation with a government where anyone, by virtue of their close proximity to the corridors of power- or can fulfill a stereotype or can wear a robe- can be nominated for THE SUPREME COURT. Hussah.

Voters to these administrations are pretty much out of sight, out of mind, since we aren’t allowed a say in the vetting process for SUPREME COURT NOMINEE. We’re expected to defer to our ‘betters.’

At least with municipal courts, we the people get a say, via an election. Even if the choices are typically marginal, at least we get a say.

But with someone like Kagan, most Americans can only shake their heads. A good candidate would receive some kind of consent from the public, and this would be acknowledged by the administration. With a Kagan (or a Myers) that consent is artificially whipped up and broadcast throughout the propaganda arm (aka the MSM) and presented as if true consent was a given.

But it is not. Ask any American.

As currently being framed by .gov’s propaganda arm (the MSM), her lack of experience might be her greatest advantage! Wow. See, she’s just like you and me! A total, clueless numpty!

By that yardstick, even Clueless Bush was qualified to be president. He wasn’t qualified, but he was (kinda, sorta) elected. So at least he had to run some sort of gauntlet, no matter how protected it/he was by his overlords/handlers. Our bad for not being more involved in the process so Manchurian dinosaurs like him don’t get the nod in the first place.

I think the American people deserve someone well-qualified to be on the Supreme Court. Expand the search outside your isolated coterie in the White House.

But the TPTB have to pluck someone out of obscurity. This delays the nominee discovery process, a vital tactic which if executed with precision, forestall leaks of any damaging info into the light of day until after the nominee’s confirmation. (They learned something from the Clancy  Thomas-Anita Hill debacle.)  Someone with no discernable track record is preferred. This helps keep the nay-sayers at bay. The preferred candidate is what we call a ‘ringer.’

This is pure hubris, my friend. They’ve gotten away with time after time, and it has become routine. They can find anyone to do their bidding, and place them since you are effectively out of the loop. Marginalized. You have no say in the matter. After confirmation, they expect you’ll forget all about it come election day (where your choice will be limited to their choices anyway).

Looky here- Harriet Myers, Clancy Thomas are underacheivers of the first magnitude (takes one to know one).  I think the American people want someone up on the bench who isn’t idealogically pre-disposed to whoever happens to be sitting in the Oval Office.

Your ‘betters’ need you desperately to believe that you deserve a nice home, one or two or three nice cars, that you get to believe yes you can! live out your dreams of fabulous wealth. So keep working two jobs! Don’t think abut that retirement account that lost half its value- it’ll make it all back by the time you are ready to cash in! They got your back!

What they don’t want you to have is time to think. If you do you might conclude you also deserve an accountable government, with qualified people in positions of power who are not influenced or outright bought by the hot money bribes of special interest. Instead they would rather you did not see the bloated bureaucracy populated by an ever-increasing, reliable voting block watching porn-tune while they pretend to be busy at make-work jobs (hey, at least they have one!) to perpetuate the ruling class.

First they came for the homeowners and I didn’t complain.
Then they came for the credit card holders and I didn’t complain.
When they came for me, there was nobody left to complain.


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