Political prisoners in USA – first in a series

Richard I. Fine

“We’ve exposed the most massive judicial corruption scheme in the history of the United States and it’s right here in Los Angeles,” said Fine, a former U.S. Department of Justice antitrust division attorney who holds a doctorate in international law from the University of London. “It’s encompassed a $300 million bribery scheme involving the county supervisors and judges. It’s been going on for 23 years and during this time nobody has received a fair trial in Los Angeles Superior Courts.”

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a bid Monday, April 26 by Tarzana attorney Richard I. Fine to be released from jail where he has spent more than a year. Fine has been held in solitary confinement at Men’s Central Jail since early 2009.

“Mr. Fine has probably done more time than most dope dealers, burglars and robbers. I think it’s unjust,”  said Sterling E. Norris, the counsel for Judicial Watch in San Marino.

“The fact the Supreme Court is involved in any way is a big deal,” said Brooklyn Law School Professor Jayne Ressler, an expert in coercive confinement cases.

“It certainly speaks volumes to the importance of this case, and it’s quite intriguing.”

Fine, a 70-year-old Tarzana resident and former U.S. Department of Justice attorney, has spent more than a year in Men’s Central Jail for contempt after refusing to divulge financial information. Fine was placed under “coercive confinement” following a series of cases in which he alleged judges received an extra $57,000 in pay from the county on top of their $179,000 annual state salaries. Fine alleged that these “undeclared bonuses” render judges biased in cases where the county is a defendant.

While the main issue before the high court is whether a person can be held in coercive confinement for such a long time, Fine remains hopeful the justices will also consider the issue of judges’ pay.

If Fine succeeds, potentially thousands of cases involving Los Angeles County could be thrown into question, because attorneys could claim the judges were biased in favor of a party in the case that was paying some of their salaries.

“That would mean we would finally after 23 years be cleaning up the California court system,” Fine said in a telephone interview from his jail cell.

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Next up: Martin Armstrong

“American politics as a system has ceased to function, because the system has gone from representing people to representing money.” -Ilargi


2 Responses to Political prisoners in USA – first in a series

  1. DaddysDarlin says:

    At any one time, anywhere in this country, our government can pick you up and insure you wont see a judge in a very long time. People disappear off the face of the earth and I don’t doubt that sometimes it is our own government doing the kidnapping of its own citizens. Things will get much much worse, with this administration soon we wont be able to state our opinions especially if they differ from that of Obamas. The wish to take over the internet, to see who is making what statement about the administration, and if they don’t agree, you just might disappear too. I always believed that America was the most powerful country in the world, now the world is laughing at us, at our so called leader. We must take this country back from the hands of those who wish to do us harm. We must insure that our Constitutional rights are not trampled upon any longer. There are many good people in this country, most of us aren’t locked up, yet…we can and will make a difference. We will clean up our state government, and our federal government, one by one, little by little, until we no longer lock up good and decent people like Mr. Fine.

  2. Paco Bell says:

    You seem to (still!) think this strategy as a Republikan or Demokrat conspiracy- whichever is the opposite of your ignorant allegiance/ blind faith.

    If it were McCain in office, things would not be any different. The threat of arrest and indefinite confinement without charge hangs over everyone’s head now just as it did during the Clueless Bush regime. Habeas Corpus anybody? Naw, we don’t need no stinking proof. We are the gummint and we are here to help you shut your freaking face.

    Remember it took members from both sides of the aisle in CONgress to pass the Patriot act- as created by Clueless B. and Darth ‘self-dealing’ Cheney. And TARP- don’t forget TARP (“No banker left behind”). We was screwed and didn’t even get a little kiss.

    They’re ALL crooks, missy. ALL incumbents need to be voted out on their fat fucking asses. NOW. (Well, in November.)

    And untill y’all get that through your ever-luvin’ fat stoopid head, the coup succeeds.

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