Rant du jour – Bubble-mania, it’s just like the WWE only you’re the loser

04 April 2010
Reich Levels Broadside at Greenspan, Rubin, and Summers, and Phony Financial Reform

By Jesse @ Jesse’s Café Américain

Robert Reich is exactly correct. Back in 1999 I started questioning what Robert Rubin might have said to Alan Greenspan in a private meeting in 1997 to reverse his policy bias after his famous “irrational exuberance” speech and embrace the monetary easing that led to the tech bubble, and to join the fight against regulation, resulting in the repeal of Glass-Steagall in which the Fed was absolutely instrumental.

PBS Frontline – The Warning: The Roots of the Financial Crisis

This was no accident, in my opinion. This was no misplaced belief in ‘the efficient market hypothesis.’ This was not the culmination of the neo-liberal fascination with a mythology of human nature that would make Rousseau blush in its unthinking naiveté. And for Greenspan to say now, I am sorry, I guess I was mistaken, is more prevarication from the master dissembler.

There were plenty of enablers to this financial fraud. There always are many more people who do not act out of principle, or inside involvement and knowledge, but out of their own selfish bias and greed or craven fear that compels them to ‘go with the flow.’

And there is little better example of this than the many people who are even now turning a willful eye away from the blatant government manipulation of the stock and commodity markets, in particular the silver market. They do not wish to believe it, so they ignore it, and even ridicule it depending on how deeply it affects their personal interests. But the overall body of evidence is compelling enough to provoke further investigation, and the refusal to allow audits and independent investigation starts to become an overwhelming sign of a coverup. I am not saying that it is correct, or that I know something, but I am saying to not investigate it thoroughly and to air all the details, is highly suspicious and not in the interests of the truth. I did not know, for example, that Madoff was conducting a Ponzi scheme, but the indications were all there and a simple investigation and disclosure would have revealed the truth, one way or the other.

“Fiat justitia ruat caelum.” Let justice be done though the heaven’s fall. This is the principle of English law that says that expediency, that appeals to a false ‘national security,’ that executive privilege and the secrecy of the powerful interests, are not to deter the light of exposure and the consequences of justice for all. This is the difference between a republic and a dictatorship of the oligarchy.

Goon Squad

The military industrial complex came to power in the US on the back of the Red Scare and the smears and fear-mongering perpetrated by the Senator from Wisconsin who ‘loved to hear the sound of his own voice, more than the truth.’ And his minions in Roy Cohn, and the other enablers in the press who were cowed into silence.

There will be smears and distractions, ridicule and old prejudices dug deep will be brought newly forward. False flags and scapegoats. Threats and warnings of collapse will be like bluffs run to encourage the people to hand over their liberty for safety. If you do not think this can happen you have not been paying attention.

The perpetrators of this latest fraud, this unleashing of darkness upon the world, will count on the fear and apathy of the many, and the cynical contempt of the fortunate for the disadvantaged, to make them all the unwitting accomplices in their own inevitable destruction. It has worked for them in the past.

One cannot fight this sort of evil with hatred and violence, or hysteria and intemperate accusations, for these are its creatures, and it uses them always to further its ends. The only worthy adversary of the darkness is transparency, openness, justice, and truth based on facts, in the light of reason, with the guidance of the light of the world. We are not sufficient of ourselves to stand against it, and if we knock down the law, the Constitution, to chase it with expediency and private justice, what will protect us when it turns around to devour us? But we should never be a willing victim, and even worse, a silent bystander or mocking accomplice. This is why were you born here and now, to stand witness to the truth, as you can find it and value it above all else.

It is not easy to find the truth, as it is a journey, a way that never ends. And without a proper guide and companionship, it may be all too easy to grow weary or panic, and lose one’s bearings and one’s heart. But sometimes it is easier to discover where and what is not the truth by its acts, its results, the fruit that it produces, and the darkness and secrecy in which it dwells.

And the truth it is not with the financial system, and the web of deception and fraud, that has served it. “What is Truth?” he asked. And Pilate turned and washed his hands of it, and condemned himself, forever.

[ Jesse’s Café Américain ]

Also , Mike Whitney expands on the evil-doers of the Oligarkik Kriminal Overlords (next post) in Stealth Bailout. Everybody else of substance is reading this, so you should too.


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