Say what you will, he turns out to have been correct

Rare footage Robert Welch, of the founder of the John Birch Society, speaking at a Los Angeles function in 1974.

Say or think what you will of that organization, suspend your judgment for 10 minutes and listen to what he says. He makes some incredibly prescient observations that perfectly describe this country’s current predicaments.

This country is well down the road of FUBAR. We are a mess. Every solution the public-private owners of this country propose and execute just makes things worse.

For us, that is, not them. (You’ll realize in a few years time that “Health Care Reform” really wasn’t).

Can’t help but wonder what the end game will end up looking like. Hopefully I’ll be dead and gone.

I try and eschew the use of words like ‘commie’, ‘liberal’, ‘conservative’ and ‘progressive’ because not only do they sound dated, it perpetuates the ignorance of what the real forces are for the underlying and ongoing causes of the breakdown of this nation.

We got our very own Taliban in our very own backyard. We don’t need to be chasing some imaginary enemy all over the planet.  Pogo was right.


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