Various and Sundry Quotes of Substance

Unofficial Growth of Problem Banks

The number has grown by almost 66% (from 416 to 702) since early August 2009 – even with all the bank failures last year (failures are removed from the list).
by Calculated Risk

Quote du jour, c/o Barry Ritholtz

Those so-called adults who fuss about short sales are really silly. What competent grown-up would short a stock after – that’s after – it has fallen 10%. Don’t these people understand how the stock market works?

Selling short on an uptick is sound, to say nothing of having been tried and true for decades. What in the world is dangerous about that? When these same bureaucrats let them play in the derivatives daisy fields to their wallets content.” –Justin Mamis

[ The Big Picture]

Also read:

Short Selling Restrictions “A Great Indicator of Imminent Market Crashes” [ Mish ]

US National Insolvency

All this talk about ‘free markets’ and the virtues of ‘private market disciplines’ go out the window should the actual discipline of markets impose losses on these institutions.
Marshall Auerback

Obama’s speeches all starting to sound the same? Only one thing will help you get through it…ladies and germs, it’s time again to plaaaaaay Bullshit Bingo!!!! [ nakedcapitalism ]

Restored our reputation
Strategic fit
Let me be clear
Make no mistake
Back from the brink
Signs of recovery
Relief for working families
Accountable (or held to account)
Free market

Religion is an instrument of the devil.


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