Inaction Jackson

The President will announce next Tuesday that he’ll send -probably- between 30,000 to 40,000 extra troops to Afghanistan, at $1 million per soldier. What he should also elaborate on, and what was told the media in preparation for the speech, is that the White House has now pushed the decision to be out of Afghanistan to 2017. In other words, beyond “Obama time”, even if he were to seek and get a second term.

Maybe that’s the line of thinking on the economy as well, to leave the hard decisions for the next guy. It would fit the pattern Obama has set until now. He hasn’t stood up to anyone really so far. He’s watched from the sidelines on his own watch as the rich got richer and the poor got more destitute. He’s chosen the easy way out. When it comes to Wall Street and the economy, I find it hard to name even one single thing that Obama has done that Bush 43 wouldn’t have done exactly the same. And that is a disconcerting realization, even after a whole year of same old same old.

Moreover, if that’s the idea, to avoid the hard decisions, it wouldn’t work anyway. The US will be called to -financial- order even long before Obama’s first term is done. But then there’s of course always the possibility lingering in the background that it’s not a matter of not making the hard decisions now. Maybe those decisions were made long ago, by the people who paid to get Obama where he is today. I have no doubt we’ll know by Thanksgiving next year.

FDR recognized how much certain special interests hated him, and famously proclaimed he welcomed their antagonism. Obama is no FDR.

[ Ilargi ]


2 Responses to Inaction Jackson

  1. winteridge says:

    Could it be that Sara Palin would have been an improvement? We may never know.

  2. Paco Bell says:

    Bailin’ Palin never ran for president.

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