Who’s ‘mad as hell’? Can I see a show of hands?

The seventies was the last time Americans allowed for discussion and dissension in the ranks. Americans were for the first time really gaining an understanding of vital, fundamental truths about themselves and their country. What they saw, when only the top layers had been peeled back was, for the majority, just too awful to contemplate. So they voted in Reagan and the rest is what you have today.

Two clips from the movie Network written by Paddy Chayefsky (watch until the very end):

[ H/T for bringing this fine fillum back into my field of view ]

Sure, it’s only a movie, but when has this much naked truth ever been leaked in any form to an unsuspecting public? I saw it originally on broadcast teevee, being too poor to afford a movie ticket. I was bowled over by the fact that it could be shown on a television network (which it mercilessly parodied- & btw, we’re living it’s future now with the boob tube’s latest, greatest distraction sappy, cheesy, pathetic ‘reality’ shows). Just imagine: Moms and Dads throughout the land had the opportunity to see this movie broadcast right into their living rooms. They didn’t get it then, just like they aren’t getting it now.

George Carlin:

“Wall Street and .gov are risking the bankruptcy of entire nations rather than coming clean and thereby risking their careers. It truly is a spectacle worth observing.”‘ -Illargi


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