Why do we even need banks if 95 percent of the mortgage market is directly subsidized by the government?

A good question, asked and expounded upon by Dr. Housing Bubble:

“95 percent of the mortgage market is now backed by the government. As we know, a large part of this growth also occurred with highly risky FHA insured loans that are now imploding at record levels. Last month in Southern California 36 percent of mortgages were FHA insured loans. Now applying the Stockholm syndrome, it would appear that many instead of being angry and calling out the banking fraud for what it is, are starting to believe in what the abductors are pushing. They say things like, ‘ see, the banks are now holding off on the shadow inventory to help the market. Prices are now going up! ‘ As if the banks are concerned about the average American with some banks charging 79.9 percent on credit cards before dealing with the tougher legislation coming in 2010. As you can see from the above chart, the mortgage market is the government which raises the question, why do we even need banks if 95 percent of the mortgage market is directly subsidized by the government?.

His very graphic graphic (not for the squeamish):

“In fact, there have been a few articles talking about the ‘ brain drain’ because of compensation limitations on Wall Street! You have got to be out of your damn mind! People mistake ‘ intelligence ‘ in kleptocracy, cronyism, and financial engineering with actual smarts. They are smart at screwing over our economy so this brain drain argument is absolute insanity. It would be one thing if they were creating life saving drugs or consumer goods but instead, they are an albatross on the rest of the economy sucking taxpayer dollars into their balance sheets. Yes, let us feel sorry for our financial kidnappers. How can they live on a few million dollars (note: read DeanBaker’s rant) a year after all the good they have done? Let us allow them to have the same system that gave them the key to drive our economy off the financial edge.”

That last paragraph was directed at the so-called “brain-drain” by Hank Greenberg’s new firm from the pool of ready able and willing AIG co-conspiratorshorts, which as you know like GMAC is having trouble paying back the taxpayer bailout that saved their nasty-asses (the perpetual bailout that is never gonna take, they’ll keep coming back for more and more throwing good money after bad, until we realize the only solution is to take ’em out back and shoot the poor old mangy critters).

Ever get the feeling that you’re being gamed?

“Oh no! Our top commanders are leaving the ship. As it turns out, they were on their laptops all day ignoring the financial iceberg ahead. When it came time to jump ship however, they were the only people with lifesavers.”

“Children need encouragement. If a kid gets an answer right, tell him it was a lucky guess. That way he develops a good, lucky feeling. ” -Jack Handy


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