The Case Against Larry Summers

An excellent primer on why “the man with the toxic hand” responsible for one eastern European nation re-embracing communism after his policies ended in disaster for that country should not be a front-runner for Fed. Inc. Chairman (or allowed anywhere near public policy craetion or people in public office for that matter).

The article is resplendent with examples, serving as a veritable tip sheet of facts about this arrogant econotard and his gargantuan ethical lapses: Summers Soft on Derivatives Regulation; Summers Supported Repeal of Glass-Steagall; Summers’ Wall Street Fees and Perks; Summers Pressured Congress to Stop Exec Pay Caps; Summers’ Role in the California Energy Crisis; Summers Fired a Harvard Whistleblower?

Enjoy. [Faux Bidness]

During the California energy crisis of 2000, then-Treasury Secretary Summers teamed with Alan Greenspan and Enron executive Kenneth Lay to lecture California Governor Gray Davis on the causes of the crisis, explaining that the problem was excessive government regulation.[11] Under the advice of Kenneth Lay, Summers urged Davis to relax California’s environmental standards in order to reassure the markets. [Wiki]


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