Get out the anal lube

Are you an underwater home-debtor lacking in financial smarts? Do you think it’s okay to trust the government, since, well, you are convinced the gummint is ultimately looking out for your best interests? Are you considering taking advantage of the “Making Home Affordable” modification program?

I shouldn’t be doing this, because maybe it is better for you to get what you deserve (“an expensive edumacation”).

So consider this post a public service announcement.

Why? I am in a generous mood. Also, what I and others clearly see is a government working in tandem with bankster apparatchiks to create social injustice; to deceive you; to take advantage of you; to turn you into what I can only call a 21st century debt-serf, wedded to a death contract (“mortgage”) for possibly the rest of your life.

So, if you are considering a mortgage mod, in the spirit of  ‘the adversary of my adversary is my compadre,’ I’ll bottom line this for you: prepare yourself to be buggered sideways.

If you happened to be at home and watched those annoying, hard-sell, daytime teevee commercials (with a portrait if Our Dear Leader looking all starry-eyed- or stoned– in the upper left hand corner) trying to entice you to save your (not my) American Dream(tm), don’t be suckered-in like you were the last time. These are the very same mortgage brokers who fucked you without a condom the last time. They’re operating under a different flag now, but trust me(tm) it’s them. Yes, that’s right, the ones who got you that generous no-doc loan with an Alt-A or ARM the last time.

They didn’t care about you then, and they want another shot at you (because they believe you are, yes, stupid). They want to flip you into a new mortgage with usurious terms, for a 3-5,000 dollar commish and then discard you on to the junk pile of future defaulters and go on to find the next sucker.

You might want to reconsider falling right into that trap again.

Otherwise, you might want to find a jar of what we have generously picture above. Try looking in the notion section of your local drug store.

So, here’s some help. A couple of bloggers have posted what just might help you to make the correct decision, even if that decision is walking away…

Naked Capitalsim

Housing Kaboom

“People have a right to know what’s truly going on in their societies, rather than fall prey to the interests of politicians and financiers that are better served by hiding what’s real. ” –Ilargi


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