Fly at your own risk

Story du jour:

Aircraft repair jobs performed by unqualified illegal alien workers, displacing qualified Americans; previous experience, speaking English not required

If you own a house, it’s probably gone down in a value.  There isn’t much of anything that you can do about that and if you are like many homedebtors, you probably prefer to crack open a Burgie(tm) and ignore that particular problem until it goes away (or the market turns around- heh).

Kind of the adult version of making like an ostrich: you just don’t want to know or think about it. La la la la fucking la.

Besides, if you still have a job, you can pay the mortgage- after all we all need a place to live.

And unless you attract disaster, chances are nothing will crash into your house. I’ll take those odds (knocks on wood).

If you are a frequent flyer, you might want to read this story (with video for the weary) out of a Dallas TV station. Or, after reading the headline you might just prefer to just ignore it.

After all, what can you do about it?

Perhaps it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The problems are probably blown all out of proportion by the media, and are most likely contained to an entirely different segment of the market than those you frequent.

It’s just one news story, and not even out of a major market. Why hasn’t the NY Times covered it? Must not be important.

We can still trust that regulatory authorities are doing their job, and haven’t taken any bribes or lined up a cushy office job after their retirement from the FAA or ICE with the companies they oversee, to occasionally look the other way.

Even with early retirement and a juicy double-dip escapade beckoning, a federal official would never neglect their sworn duty while in office and place American people at risk.

No sirree Benny.


HT: Mish

Who regluates the regulators?


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