Madoff’s Ponzi Partner Roams Free

This guy is one of apparently many accomplices that benefited (and perhaps helped direct) such massive fraud. They are doing everything in their power to stay off the radar.

Let’s hope the Madoff “victims” continue to keep the cross-hairs zeroed on Bernie’s fellow Ponzers.

After reading this account of Jeffry Picower’s involvement (let’s call it bezzling) with big pharma (see this series of articles on Milken too), I am starting to come to the conclusion that the games these investor types  (among their cohorts: Martha Stewart) are playing with pharma is but nothing better than a very advanced shell game.

He isn’t under investigation, he isn’t answering questions, he’s laying low and and he’ll do everything he can to stonewall any and all inquiries until people just lose interest. And he’ll likely keep every cent (and then some) of his billion-dollar bezzle proceeds.

Clawback Now! Disgorgement is the Way Forward!

Dem snake oil salesmen have come a long way, baby.


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