Find Nazi Gold!

… and you might find Canada’s too. America’s too. And Germany. UK too (correction:  nope- Gordo sold it at the lowest market point of the last twenty years).

WTF happened to Canada’s gold? [Daily Canuck]

“Oh, it’s just an oversight. An accounting error. A computer glitch. Nothing to see here. Move along.”

What  a racket, and there’s no end in sight
There is no end to to the economic nightmare that is the fraud-based American economy. Yes, it’s clear now that’s all we have going for us. Churning worthless bits of paper (purporting to be worth something, to somebody, somewhere, someday, soon-ish maybe if you can find a greater fool buyer) is the only ‘industry’ we will have left (well, that and the justifiably maligned ‘services’). Nothing of substance or tangible seems to (any longer) be produced here. I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but when was the last time you bought something (taking food off the table for the sake of argument, even though imports of food are common) that said Made in USA? And wasn’t declared to be so because it contained greater than 50% content? Perzackly.

If you are a long-suffering prudent American like me, who has long laughed at infomercials and can’t believe that those are actually, really callers to the Home Shopping Network, you got some thinking to do. Wake up. Smell coffee. Repeat until fully awakened.

We are all part of the biggest fraud ever created in the history of the world. The rest of the world is just starting to get a clue… I don’t want to be here when they realize they been had too, as they are likely to paint you and me with too broad a brush.

And it won’t be to tar on the feathers.

The latest on-going scam, even endorsed by television pitchman your president of these younited states: Loan Modification.

Are you ready for some truth-telling? I guarantee you’re not gonna like:

All Markets Suggesting Hyperinflation
By Andy Hoffman

“After watching the financial markets the past few weeks, it appears my greatest fear (and expectation), that of unchecked advancement of U.S. inflation, is coming to be – NOW. Perhaps using the taboo word “hyperinflation” doesn’t serve my purpose well, much as it hurt Cassandra to speak of “Armageddon.” But “unchecked advancement of inflation” and hyperinflation are one and the same, no matter what you call it.

I have been speaking of the increasing likelihood of this event occurring for the past year, but now I fear the time for analyzing is about to end, and the time to act NOW.

The majority of people do not even understand the definition of inflation, let alone the events that typically cause it and how to protect oneself against it. Inflation, pure and simple, means accelerating growth of the money supply, NOT price increases. The two are obviously interrelated, but the key item to watch is money supply, as all inflationary pressures stem from it (outside of product shortage issues, which unfortunately appear to be the case in nearly all commodities as well).” [Gold Bug Daily]

Cue The Band

#we don’t know
#the shape we’re in

C.H. Smith once again puts this mess that Greenspan (and Reagan, Bush, Clinton, et al by changing the paradigm from ‘tax and spend‘ to ‘borrow and spend‘) made in perspective for us. He’s been posting a series comparing our current crisis (GD2.0) with GD1.0 and how we have submerged into even deeper water. And nobody thought that was possible given how bad GD1 was (but then the decision makers then- and now- didn’t/won’t starve trying to sell apples on street-corners. In fact they made out pretty well. Go figure. Then figure some more).

Short, sweet and to the point.

WARNING: I suggest you only read this if you want to know the truth. Can you handle it?

[Of Two Minds]

Soon we’ll have no choice but to be wage-slaves to pay off this staggering national debt the banks have almost exclusively benefitted from.

Until then… try and enjoy life! It’s all-to-brief enough as it is!

Take five year holiday to cut costs, Spanish bank urges employees
Hmmm… five years sabbatical at 1/3 pay and full health coverage? Go ahead, twist my arm.

Where do I sign up? Oh, you have to have a job. And be Spanish. There’s always a fly in the ointment. The question is: would you? And are you green with envy? [FT]

Brazilian air force says debris was not from Air France crash
How polluted is the Atlantic ocean if the debris recovered from the spot where Air France flight 447 is suspected of likely going down turns out to be… something else? And just where is the debris from the actual plane? Did UFO’s abduct them? Did the earth open up and just swallow the whole enchilada? Inquiring minds… [CNN]

Finally a product Paco can whole-heartedly endorse:
New product available for SOC and SOB (shite old cars and bikes).

Related: Now here’s Paco’s kind of hybrid. ‘No reasonable offer refused.’ [The Samba]

“If we were to study this [economic bubble] as an ecological environment, you would think that humans as a species only had one purpose in life. That purpose was to eat junk food, buy gigantic cars, and upgrade every countertop on the globe to granite.” –Dr. Housing Bubble


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