Dear Patrick was one of the earliest sites to “point and holler” about the housing bubble. I also subscribe to his daily newsletter (as a news aggregator he’s a pip). just started something new & different. The site is now open for registered users to initiate posts.

A few have been posted questions regarding their personal housing predicament. All readers can benefit from his unique vantage point as professor of bubblecology. Some of the comments aren’t too bad, either.

And thus we have the bloom of a familiar format.

Pretty interesting to watch and see how this concept develops. Certainly the questions being asked reflect and reveal some of the hard realities which people (such as homedebtors) are facing out in the real world, and which most of us (the solvent, the prudent, the renters) are likely unaware.

Of course  one should always employ a bit of skepticism about any information published on the web- mainstream sites included.

The blogosphere (trite term I know) has a unique, man-on -the-street p.o.v. which encompasses both the pedestrian and wise.


Walk Away or Keep Paying?


Government Punishing Responsible People

Fight the power.


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