Bleating Hedge

Want some cheese with that whine?
The Wail of the 1% [NYMag]

In Rip-off America, Banks steal from you!
Imagine That- TARP Money Wasted Or Stolen

Who knew Hanky, Shitener, Benron, Clueless all prefer to do their dirty buisness thru the backdoor?
AIG Mystery Trades – Who Knew?
[Bruce Krasting]

Thieving Scum is a Harvard Economist (quelle surprise):
Economist Mankiw Defends Policy of Theft [Mish]

Hope or pray that a dollar wasted today won’t be needed tomorrow:
Magic Bank Profits [The Big Picture]

Are you ready for serfdom?
The New Financial Overlords: The Debt Class and those that provide the Debt in Serfdom. Understanding the new Structure of the American Financial Landscape
[Dr. Housing Bubble]

Propping up home prices at any cost, an historical perspective:

While the stock market went from 1,000 in 1966 to 1,000 in 1982 14 years later, inflation destroyed 2/3 the value of the dollar. According to the BLS, $1 in 1966 was worth 34 cents in 1982, meaning those who held stocks for those 14 years did not retain their wealth as the Dow Jones remained at 1,000–they lost 2/3 of their wealth. [Charles Hugh Smith]

Famous last words (sample):
“Bear Stearns Says Worst Is Over After Writedown” (CNBC) [Financial Amrageddon]

WHY I FIRED MY BROKER by Jeffrey Goldberg [The Atlantic]

With his 401(k) in ruins, our correspondent visits investment gurus, hedge fund managers, and a freakish Arizona survivalist with one question in mind: How can the ordinary investor recover?

Are speculative bubbles just another method of price discovery?


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