Revenge of the Sinecures

The Serfs Get Angry; The Predators Point Fingers At Each Other
by Larry Littlefield

appreciate the irony

For 30 years, two kinds of people have been getting richer. Top executives who sit on each others’ boards and vote each other an ever larger share of private sector wealth. And today’s senior citizens, the richest in history, particularly retired public employees, and public employees who do not deign to do their jobs, who suck up a larger and larger share of public sector resources as a result of their control state legislatures and Congress, in the absence of contested elections (which are no longer permitted for such offices).

Everyone else has been getting poorer, but this has been covered up in two ways. By having their losses postponed to the future — in the form of lost pensions and health benefits that aren’t so important when one is young and healthy. And by having people go deeper and deeper into debt so their spending doesn’t decline with income. But today the cover up is no longer possible. The standard of living of most Americans is dropping severely, their taxes are rising, their public services and benefits are being cut, and their paper wealth is disappearing. Neither the political class nor the executive class is willing to give anything back, but they do want to deflect blame. So they are pointing fingers at each other.

The privileged self-dealers who have seized control of our public and private institutions, and are systematically looting and destroying them, have an incredible sense of entitlement and no shame. They only compare themselves with others like them, and never even think about whether what they have taken is fair relative to younger generations, and to those whose pay is set in the marketplace rather than as a result of power. They never think about other people, and feel entitled to every cent of their bonus, and every day and year paid to not work. Millions of Americans face poverty, and others are facing pay and hours cuts. None of these private sector workers would dare tell their customers to pay more and accept less. And yet the political class and executive class shamelessly add new demands.

An effective parasite keeps its host in a weakened and diseased state, not quite sucking all the life out of it and counting on its will to live to provide a continuing source of food. Kind of like counting on people to keep paying more and more to keep the schools and transit system going even as they deteriorate and are worth less and less.

This dude nails it. Read the entire article. Know where you stand.

The Shitener plan, the bailout of banks, are but naked attempts to extract future earnings from you… and your progeny. It is going to help the panicking protected classes today. They can ‘get away with’ this because they are firmly entrenched. They make the laws. They possess not just the ability to legislate such travesties into being, but they can do so by force if necessary.

You are being sacrificed to support the kind of people such as the ones you can all too clearly see are pretending to work behind that large desk at the DMV. As well as those who live in the lap of luxury, privilege and prestige, because someone taught them (all too well) how to skim. They got theirs… of course all of  ‘theirs’ used to be ‘yours’ but oh well… too bad for you!

How does that make you feel?

Are you getting angry yet?

There IS a protected class in this country… and it isn’t you! or Me! Or the spotted owl!

Grab more while there is still something left to grab. Use both your hands. Your elbows too for they can be sharp and really smart. Used strategically, a knee can be a useful tool and you will be able to prise more teat-time for yourself. While your poor colleague is doubled-over in pain, feel free to grab some more! After all this is a free country! Get as much as you can before it’s all gone!


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