It is a stark contrast when you take into account how the Obamanation adminstration handles the wankers bankers with how they are handling the auto companies. Who has control of this nation is blatantly obvious. And it is not We the Peoples.

If you haven’t seen this video on the Shitener plan(tm) and how we’re about to be robbed, hurry! Before it’s to late! Unelected fraudsters (Shitener, Bukkake, Summers & Rubin- you know, the usual suspects) are about to commit a daylight robbery of brazen proportions.  It’s the biggest wealth transfer in the entire history of nations… and you and me, why we are the ones being robbed. Will we let this stand?

Hey! You! Obama! Tell the truth! Unless you’re looking forward to becoming Herbert Hoover… stop listening to Turbo Timmeh Shitener and Benron Bukkake and Larry ‘Nuclear’ Winter and Robert the Sandwich!

“As soon as you become dependent upon the biggest guy in the cell block for protection, you become his bitch.” -Barry Ritholtz


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