Ooh that’s gotta hurt

China lost billions in diversification drive [FT]

The Sleaze just keeps getting Sleazier

Benron Bukkake, Turbo Timmeh Shitener, really are crooked monsters by Mike Whitney [infowars]

The Fed is so desperate to launch its [TALF] facility and keep these Wall Street scamsters and bank extortionists in business, they’re willing to underwrite the fraudulent sale of rotten securities. It’s outrageous!

Remind me, what is it you are supposed to do to looters?

Glorious Leader Lays Wreath at Tomb of Unknown i-Banker Capitalist

USA soon to become welfare state [of two minds]

No we won’t call it that (perhaps we will utilize my new fave term for it: “American-style Capitalism”), but make no mistake, that’s exactly how we’ll live.

A entitled plutocracy lording over wage slaves.

Move over North Korea, here we come!

AIG: Defined. [Wikipedia]

Wait a minute- I thought it was our government’s policy not to negotiate with terrorists?

Any resemblance 2009 has to 1929 is purely intentional. -Paco


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