Decline of the middle class

What Isn’t Coming Back

In other words, everyone from marketers to the evangelical movement perceived rising ownership of material goods as an “obvious” metric for “the good life.” But the entire superficial surface of jewelry, lavish cruises, huge suburban homes, etc. was based not on a foundation of savings and productive real wealth but on astonishing increases in debt. It was never sustainable, and the fantasy that it was sustainable, and perhaps even “deserved,” was always visibly absurd.

The entire edifice of consumerism is a “false god” which has now been toppled from its gold-leafed perch. Buying more and owning more did not create a sustainable, healthy happiness or a sense of self-identity; the insecurity and anxiety which were masked by shopping and prescription drugs have now been laid bare.

[Charles Hugh Smith]

“At 8% Annual Compounded Growth it will take us 11 years to return to the peak of the S&P 500.” -Dr. Housing Bubble


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