How do you stack up?

Epic Fail: The Baby Boomers are Broke [Ben Bittrolff]

Elsewhere been reading about Craigslist ads for room rentals where fifty-somethings are elbowing for position with twenty-somethings. Jeepers.

For the boomers who still ‘own’ their home, it must be starting to feel like an anchor (or an albatross) around their neck.

One gets the sense that the market-playas are trying real hard to get the message out: the bottom is in my friend. But stock! Buy buy buy buy buy buy stock! Then buy some more!

They always say that.

My advice: watch the other hand!

More: [Calculated Risk] [Mish]

“You shut your mouth when you’re talking to me. You got us into this, you
imbecile. And take out the trash! Oh wait, you can’t leave the house.
Idiot.” -Ruth Madoff to Bernie one fine day


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