Random thoughts this fine Sunday afternoon:

If Obama and his party are going to copy F.D.R.’s policies, why are they not starting with restoring Glass-Steagall?

I expect most Americans HOPE Obama will be at least as good a president as Sully is a pilot.

The military is the USA’s biggest social welfare program.

The bubble bailouts etc. should not be construed as being about markets. It’s about people. Lots and lots of people getting themselves into trouble, in every walk of life.

Obama has the perfect program for an America that no longer exists.

Geithner, Hanky Panky, Benron Bukkake, etc. are the not the right people for us to rely on to solve the financial crisis. They ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM, bailing out their frat bros nasty asses in the grandest cover-up of all time- even blowing the bubbles up to historical proportions in the very beginning.

Recovery? What recovery? There will be no recovery.

Change. Hope. Geithner. Summers. Rubin. Clinton. Biden. Panetta. Holder (wasn’t Janet Reno available?). Gates. Daschle (Daschle? Yep.) Iraq. Afghanistan. War on (some) drugs. Patriot Act. Homeland Security. Suspension of habeus corpus. Same old same old.

It is neither “Federal” nor “Reserve.”


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