Ecology of starvation

Now we come to the ecology of starvation. In any ecosystem, any fast-reproducing creature can, once freed of predators and disease, eat its way through the entire available food supply. It then starves to death in great numbers, reducing the load on the ecological system to the point the “carrying capacity” of the environment rises from near-zero to a restored balance.

Every creature will exceed its environment’s carrying capacity if given the opportunity, and we as a nation have long exceeded our financial resources. Rather than re-scale our promised benefits and government to our true surplus, we have borrowed money from our children and grandchildrens’ future surpluses to fund our own risk-abatement/benefits. Now like rats proliferating on an island, our promises to ourselves far exceed the carrying capacity of our real economy; we must now tighten our belts for a generation or two, or starve as we consume the last morsels of future productivity.

In a financial sense, we are eating the seeds needed for the next generation and stripping the fiscal ecology of assets, reducing its future carrying capacity.

[of two minds]

” Only a nation convinced of its invulnerability could be so deluded as to spend its waning days of wealth arguing about how the borrowed trillions should be divided, as if they were the spoils of conquest rather than the outright theft of our children’s future.” -Charles Hugh Smith


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