Oil under 41

Poised to head beneath 40.USD/bbl.

The local Arco was @ 1.659 for the cheap stuff.


Won’t be surprised if it reaches 1.25 by EOM.

Maybe EOW?

Natural gas, gold and silver futures moving downward too- perhaps that is some small comfort for the half-a-million recently unemployed. But food, ah, well, food will be an entirely different story.

Thanky Hanky Panky and Benron Bukkake! And Clueless Bush for this lovely parting gift! (It will be the gift that gives on taking gifting.)

Of course the end game is hyper-inflation, but oh! what the fuck, I’m ready for a little excitement, aren’t you?

“I think perversely some of the things being done to ease short-term pain are going to create longer-term pain.” -Don Drummond


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