Unreal Estate

Humor: How average Americans got caught in the mortgage racket.
[unreal estate]

Why Paulson and Bernanke’s Plans Don’t Work

“In a worst case scenario… the current administration plan could lead us to hyperinflation which is worse than the Depression of the 1930s.”
[Seeking Alpha]

Here’s a bold suggestion: let’s reward the savers
Why does our gummint insist on trying to bailout the wankers that have acted imprudently (wall street, the usurers, homedebtors)? This is only postponing the inevitable (bankruptcy for one and all).

It’s not like they are going to do US any favors.

Today’s “trend that will stick”: writing down housing values and mortgages to reality will be resisted by lenders, homeowners and government every step of the way, lengthening the recession.

[Of Two Minds]

“President? I have to say that it’s always struck me as one of those jobs where the desire to do it ought to be a disqualification.”


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