The best minds of their generation

Our feckless fearless unelected leaders Bukkake and Hanky-Panky are working “diligently” on “rescuing” the US from it’s five-year nation-wide excess counterfeiting of credit binge.

So far, the best these “financial geniuses” at Treasury and the Fed, Inc. can come up with is a check-kiting scheme, something worthy of not just our great intellectual capitalists but local news anchors and flim-flam men (always wondered where they went too- I guess they went into “Finance”)

Well it fits right along side the Fed, Inc.’s  pawn shop windows known collectively as their “alphabet soup financing programs.”

At least a real pawn-shop broker pays below market- after all, he runs a business for the long haul and his interests are not just for him but also his partners/ associates/ family.

Our two frickin’ bald mooks are paying full price, and then some. Plus, if their “customer” throws a rattle, they give ’em some more to quiet ’em down and postpone them from fulfilling their threats- which are gonna happen anyway since they aren’t really in control of the situation.

I guess as long as everyone who matters makes bonus this year, that’s what really matters.



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