How cunts are scamming folks facing foreclosure

The pace of foreclosures across the country is increasing rapidly in 2008. Were you aware there were 2 million in 2007 alone?

northwestjusticeprojectFor some people nearing foreclosure, they are faced with confronting a social stigma. Many are too ashamed to admit this and let it get out into the open, where they would learn how foreclosure might actually be in their best interest. They would learn they could do a govt.-backed workout, find out if there are bailout bux(tm) available to them, and maybe discover how the bank might just ignore them, resulting in the potential for free rent for an indefiinite period of time, where they can rebuild their reserves.

However shame can over-ride an individual’s decision-making process. The closistering effect of shame drives them into the waiting tatooed-arms of “foreclosure experts.” <spit>

Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Perhaps they are unsophisticated about finance (well, we are talking about Americans here) and cannot see they can have a position of strength over the lender. Failing to recognize this they clam up, turn inward, and when they find a flyer on their doorstep prmising how they too can take advantage of the housing downturn, they decide to take them up on their exhoratation to “call us now!” Unfortunately the promises are never fullfilled, they get taken advantage of (again), and they are soon seeing their home rented back to them at twice what their mortgage was. Soon to be out on the street and in worse shape than before, with much greater, no longer non-recourse debt burden, desperately wishing they had simply gone to foreclosure in the first place.

Enter the Northwest Justice Project:

[94 mins.]

We cannot let these scamming fraudster cunts slink under the door and steal with a pen. These are our fellow citizens they are taking advantage of, after all. C’mon America, these folks might have made a mistake in judgment, but that fact shouldn’t condemn them to having their misery compounded.

Pass it ’round!

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