Obamessiah? Progress report March 20

So in Obamessiah’s first 60 days can you expect:

  • Perp walks and prosecution for Orangezillo and Hanky-panky Paulson and the other criminal masterminds of the housing bubble?
  • End of the stupid War on (some) Drugs?
  • Withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Rescinding of the Patriot Act?
  • Rescinding of the Heroes Act?
  • Rescinding of the Debt Slave Act of 2005 ?
  • Replacement of Bukkake as governor of the Fed., Inc.?
  • Reduction in government spending and actively lowering of national debt?

Absolutelyfuckingnot. He’s just another politician, with a hand up his butt, directing him to step up the socialist agenda from the clueless one.

Yeah, right, he has a cunning plan.

Obama = McCain = Clinton = Bush


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