Fraud, fraud, everywhere

… and not a cop around to put ’em in the klink. (Hmmm, thinks.)

I’ve been doing this wrong since day one.


Life. Living within my means. Borrowing only when I knew I could pay it back.  Working hard at, you know, a job.

While everyone around me has been, apparently, partying heartily. And now that the party is over, they want a do-over. WTF? I never imagined that if I acted irresponsibly, such as lie on a ninja loan, or accumulate more credit card debt than make in one year in salary, that I would be bailed out. Who knew?

Not me.

Usurers Pushers Issuers of V and MA want help too:

Banks asking for credit card debt forgiveness
Thursday October 30, 5:31 pm ET
By Marcy Gordon, AP Business Writer

Banks losing billions in unpaid credit card bills urge government to forgive consumer debt


OK, so here’s the deal… has ordered banks to loosen lendings standards on everything from unsecured loans (credit card) to home mortgages.

If you are not in a no-doc int-only pick-apay ARM loan and have maxed out AT LEAST six credit cards, you are no patriot, sir (or madam).

& like me, you are such a sucker for playing by the rules, and never borrowing more than you can pay back.

So this weekend, I are buying a McMansion. I also just bought a M-B S500- on my credit card.

I now be stylin’, beyotch. & oh yeah, you know what? I deserve it. It’s my dream.

No job, no assets, no problem!

& IF I ever have to pay anything back, it’ll be at $0.0625 on the dollar baybay!

I’ll even borrow to pay that back.


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“Too bad they didn’t aim the bazooka in a different direction.” -Rick Santelli


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