Manufactured Aspirations

Truth shall set you free.

So pernicious is this marketing that we as a nation have succumbed on a national scale. Rather than save or sacrifice, we now run staggering Federal deficits as standard operating procedure, lest we be denied anything we “need”: MRI tests for every headache (as long as Medicare is paying), a world-class Armed Forces, entitlements galore for everyone, etc.

The surest way to lose an election is to issue a call for sacrifice. Only a self-destructive politico would be insane enough to suggest that guaranteeing poverty for our children is a poor choice compared to “borrow and spend lavishly now.”

Politicos, like everyday citizens, deploy a host of self-deceptions: this isn’t debt, it’s an “investment in our future.” Just how devilishly Doublespeak is this, when we’re actually burdening future generations with massive debt because we’re too spoiled, lazy and morally shiftless to make any sacrifices in the present?

But the Empire of Debt is integral to standard marketing and Manufactured Aspirations; saving up means you will appear “poor” and that is a fate no one would tolerate if there was any possible way to acquire the “look and feel” of “wealth” and “membership.”

You see the terrible irony, don’t you? That we have impoverished ourselves to purchase the simulacrum of wealth. There is one way to cleanse ourselves of Manufactured Aspirations: choose poverty, choose self-reliance, choose real wealth (i.e. sustainable incomes, control of capital) over the bogus simulacrums of wealth (luxury vehicles, maid service, golden retriever or other “name brand” dog, season tickets to the local “sport dynasty,” title of second vice-president of global penury, etc.)

To reject the ideology that poverty is fundamentally a judgment of your self-worth– i.e. if you are poor you are worthless–is to free yourself of both Manufactured Aspirations and the Empire of Debt.

It is a sad thing, really, to see an entire people, if not an entire species, fall for the scam that personal transformation can be had as cheaply as a fake Rolex, or that succumbing to a lifetime of poverty via crushing debts to acquire “the real thing,” whatever that may be for membership in your selected Manufactured Aspirations tribe, is actual “wealth” or “self-worth.”

Empty Dreams, Manufactured Aspirations, Marketing Poverty: the Positives of Poor [Oftwominds]

“80% of all “communication” is distraction.” -Chas Hugh Smith


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