Any comparisons to GD1 might be a tad optimistic

It’s the wrong depression to make our present day comparisons to.

Didja hear that, Bendover Bukkake? (“What! I can’t hear you! My head is too far up my ass.” -Ben)

Try the Panic of 1873 [Chronicle of Higher Ed.]:

“The problems had emerged around 1870, starting in Europe. In the Austro-Hungarian Empire, formed in 1867, in the states unified by Prussia into the German empire, and in France, the emperors supported a flowering of new lending institutions that issued mortgages for municipal and residential construction, especially in the capitals of Vienna, Berlin, and Paris. Mortgages were easier to obtain than before, and a building boom commenced. Land values seemed to climb and climb; borrowers ravenously assumed more and more credit, using unbuilt or half-built houses as collateral. The most marvelous spots for sightseers in the three cities today are the magisterial buildings erected in the so-called founder period.”

September and October really seem to be favored months for crashes. Why, it’s almost an American tradition. (Gulp).

There should be more than enough business to to keep both Blackwater and troops busy (if they are brought home) for the foreseeable future.

You know, we need an a watchdog group with some teeth that can recognize a pyramid scheme just when it gets started and then shut them down. Like the FBI. Maybe give them powers of arrest, you know, like the FBI. With sophisticated means of intelligence gathering and the ability to recognize crime when it is occurring, you know, kind of like we wish the FBI had. And can work with the US Attorney General combating crimes of fraud, larceny, grand theft, unjust enrichment, money laundering. You know, like the FBI does.

Oh wait, no, that would kill what we have left of an economy- real estate fraud, multi-level marketing schemes, retirement funds and pensions, 401k (these are looking like such a scam now), heatlthcare… AW HELL the entire system of taxation is going to have to be revised.

We can’t have that!

What’s Ben gonna do? [Have a look at what he’s acocmplished so far– strong stomach recommended]

The bubble bursting this time is a debt bubble. In 1929 it was a credit bubble that burst- the US was a creditor nation with a credit balance about twice the size of the total foreign investment in the US. Major difference.

Got that? No? Someone hasn’t done all their homework it seems. Ah well, let out a gentle sigh for Bendover Bukkake. What can you say about him? To a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

Besides, with all of these geniuses in charge (Clueless, Hankypanky, Bendover, DickCheesey, Hairy (Balls) Reid, Feincunt, Pelousy, Boxcunt, Frank(furter),  et al) how bad could it possibly get?


OK, how to spot the likeliest surivors that are worth investing in. Which businesses have substantial cash reserves that they can continue in business during GD3 (formerly GD2, now that 1873 is on the radar)?

“What we learn from history is that we do not learn from history.” -Benjamin Disraeli


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