Everyone of them says how dead set they are against the latest bailout bill.

But very few have the courage to vote their conscience and do the right thing.

Instead they’re terrified of being wrong.

Even after all of the support they’ve been given by the electorate.

The fix was in. The flag, the Constitution, were just spat upon by your elected official when they voted ‘Yea.’

They’ll be another bailout along in a minute. Credit card companies are seeing alarmingly high defaults, and their debt is unsecured.

Insurance companies, auto manufacturers, home builders- every industry with enough clout to buy a congresscritter or two will soon have their hand out (some already do).

I heard the empty-headed newsanchorette say “next up Bob will be along to tell you how you too can get a bailout.”

Is the House a fait accompli?

We will know by Friday.

And when the foreign gov’ts stop buying Treasuries, it’s lights out, the party’s over, everybody out of the pool.

In the new U.S.S.A. the gummint pwns YOU.

Until then, as Karl sez: “Full Forward Fire.”


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