The problem with our economy and our markets is not short selling.

“It is not liquidity. And it is not because of an awkward regulatory structure.

“The problem is that the banks have engaged in an orgy of financial speculation, having undermined major sections of our regulations and institutions, aided and abetted by one of the most incompetent and corrupt presidential administrations in history, thereby exposing the public to significant financial risk with a reckless disregard for fiduciary responsibility.”

[Jesse’s Café Américain]

Be Careful What You Wish For
“World stock markets are soaring, aided by hopes for “the mother of all bailouts,” a global jihad against short-sellers, and the dynamics of a triple-witching expiration. While it is hard to know how long the squeeze may last, it seems to me that those who are buying equities outright, especially financials (as opposed to those who are being forced to by changes in the rules), have not thought things through.”

[Financial Armageddon]

Stupid does what stupid is told to do.


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