Damn fine coffee

FNM had a risk manager? Zounds! [Bloomie]

Conventional reasoning: if the CFO goes, it is time to short the stock like a motherfucker. [Bloomie]

Market up last two days which belies the fundamentals. Welcome to La-la-land. Is the market is rigged? [Mish]

The Federal Reserve is in business to create moral hazard.

The Swelling Tide of Toxic Home Loans Is Proving to Be Even More Worrisome than Initially Feared [Financial Armageddon, A Smart Straight Shooter]

Why aren’t any of the major candidates talking about a solution to the credit crisis? Simple: there ain’t one. [Aleph blog]

Confirmation of the US imminent financial collapse: Waffle House declares bankruptcy. [Shenandoah]

The slow moving train wreck: It’s just the beginning of the end [The Independent UK]

Prime foreclosures surge past subprime foreclosures for first time [Housingwire]

“We are subsidizing way too many zero return institutions; cheap mortgages for the uncreditworthy, jobs for the unproductive, and entitlements for the parasitic.”


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