Odds and sods

Get your free housing before the market freezes up. [Market Ticker]

You may have heard of a Minsky Moment [Wikipedia], you may also be aware of the Kennedy moment [Exurban nation], but were you aware of the Suez moment [Option Armageddon]?

Who’s buying houses today?
Scamsters, apparently- fraud is up 42%.  Hell, if it wasn’t for fraudulent activity, the housing market would be even deeper in the toilet than it already is. Thanks to Yun, Frank, Hank, Greenspank, and Bukkake! [CNN][LAT]

Hell, the FBI knew scams were on the increase waaaaay back in 2004, and yet did nothing. Again, this is the sort of revelation which only underscores how slack federal law enforcement in this country has become.  [digitaljournal][The Market Ticker]

The Market is rigged? [youtube]


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