He voted against it

Wow, someone who actually speaks to the issues the bailout bill has, and challenges the “features” crammed in (hidden) by the head of the IRS (why does Hank-Panky wants to record our credit card transactions?), some of which have absolutely nothing to do with housing, but which might not qualify as constitutional because they are an invasion of privacy- all in the name of bailing out some rich folks (some people just never lose!).

Sen. Jim Demint favors taking away FNM & FRE ability to lobby Congreff, but unfortunately was not allowed to be added (Harry Reid wouldn’t even allow a vote- he’s one corrupt cunt isn’t he?).

Like Jim Bunning (who strangely abstained from voting- I’m reevaluating my opinion about him for that), Sen. DeMint is one of only a few who just didn’t rollover because he was itching to get outa town- simply ignoring their responsibility to question anything about this momentous and gargantuan steaming pile of legislation, which, like the so-called Patriot act, was a rush job.

Those motherfuckers which voted for this stinky piece of legislation deserve to be voted out, especially those two Cunts from California(tm).

Senator Jim DeMint, South Carolina,  thanks for doing your job. Enjoy a Burgie(tm)- you deserve it!

[Hat tip] [Bush & conservatives, the love affair is over]


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  1. […]  As Sen. Jim DeMint (R- SC) points out (here, above), FNM and FRE will not be retstrained from lobbying Congress for favors, etc. (”campaign […]

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