We’re entering a new era

And if we’re lucky, it’ll look a lot like the 70’s (if we’re not it’ll look a lot like the 30’s, but in color):

“As inflation and interest rates have been kept artificially suppressed, the United States has been indentured to its volatile financial sector, with its predilection for leverage and risky buccaneering”

“most great nations, at the peak of their economic power, become arrogant and wage great world wars at great cost, wasting vast resources, taking on huge debt, and ultimately burning themselves out.” [Marketwatch]

When you factor in the lying and cheating of our government, the cheating and lying of Wall Street, the US and Canada Demographic Time Bomb, a dysfunctional healthcare system, a bankrupt social security system, retirement funds heavily invested in toxic securities, illegal immigration and the rule of law in general just ignored (via “selective enforcement”), a war with no end that’s cost us more than just our credit rating (remember, we’ve been borrowing to pay for it), inflation at all time high (as the article says, the stats being promoted throughout the media are fraudulent, and see We is bein’ robbed below), well, it is enough to make you just sick.

We is bein’ robbed
I guess we should have been smart enough to figure out the power of compounding interest works both ways, e.g. take inflation.

When it’s high- as it is today- and if this double-digit trend sustains itself for just a few years, it can more than wipe out that gain you might have seen in your 401(k) over the last ten or twenty years pretty damn fast! It’s just sickening to consider that all this time we’ve been targeted because we foolishly believed we were a nation that believed in fair play.

Looking for Happy News?
Turn on the boob-tube, switch to any channel, and have some delicious Kool-Aid. It’s refreshing!

Hell, even municpal bonds, once considered super-safe, but low-yield by investors, are starting to default. Even, in the case of Vallejo, CA declaring bankruptcy.

Question for all of you
Ultimately, who is accountable?

Does it seem to you that everyone in a posiiton of power has been working really really hard to make sure they aren’t caught, or that no trail leads to them, when the random light is shined on them and theirs?


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