The big cover-up

“The availability of bad mortgages distorted the market for homes by increasing demand. This distortion in demand artificially increased home prices, an increase that provided a smokescreen to the underlying unsound mortgages and a rosy story for the business desk to report. These market distortions cannot be understood by traditional financial analysis because they were predicated on unsound principles, and perpetuated outside the bounds of all normal lending models. Even if the press didn’t, the perps knew these mortgages were no good. The proof of this is how fast they repackaged them and got them off the books. After all, if they were good loans, why the bum’s rush to get rid of them?

“When a sun-glassed coke-head on a used car lot informs a customer (who may be a recent immigrant barely able to comprehend English), that the “good news” is that he has qualified for the special low rate of l6% on that lovely overpriced rust-bucket, we all know what that is about. But when you can no longer distinguish between that used car salesman and the heads of our largest banks; that is a sorry spectacle.

“How can we explain the financial media missing the biggest story of the century?” [Richard Hirschhorn]


One Response to The big cover-up

  1. […] Richard Hirschhorn points out (below), it’s a story that has been been all but ignored- even, dare I say it, covered […]

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