What to do with your government check

If like me you just did your taxes and realized you were entitled to a $600 rebate check from Uncle Sam (for doing absolutely nothing, TYVM).

You might also have already earmarked it for a new flat screen t.v. (it’ll have to be small one), a refrigerator (ditto), or maybe you decided it would be nice to just fuel up yerself, the wife, the kids and the car and take a driving vacation here at home in safe old America… not going too far, of course.

However If like me you are miffed, pertrubed, disturbed, and mildly P.O.’d about the reasons behind this whole rebate fiasco (“institutionalized bribery”)- which nobody asked for, and isn’t enough to make a material difference (unless your think it’s an effective way to buy votes), maybe like me you might decide we are better off, if all of us  take that check, and in an act of defiance… deposit it in your savings account- or in your mattress– saving it for a rainy day in the distant future.

IOW: don’t spend it for at least a year.

Sure, it won‘t earn enough interest to buy you lunch once a year, but to put it simply it’s the best way to tell the gummint you despise the investment communities fraudulent practices, you don’t support your government (“them”) bailing out anybody, and since you can’t decline the money, you absolutely refuse to be bribed to “just play along” with their irresponsible, spendthrift policies.

Everyone on board? Good.

Currently I am planning the second phase of our, the frugal mafia’s, silent protest: a week without a credit card. Everyone with me!?


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