The squeaky wheel

which groans the loudest ain’t necessarily the one that should be attended to.

It seems the elected representatives of our once fair nation believe they are doing right by buying votes, showing the broad populace they are indeed on top of the crisis.

At-risk folks are screaming loudest,  yet the fault lies at their feet.

They are not the majority.

They are an ailing minority.

And once the cause of their troubles go away, so will their squealing.

Meantime, we have “leaders” who are pandering to the wrong segment.

The prudent, the frugal, the solvent, the smart, the upstanding, the realistic, the cautious, the ones who actually get out and vote- are all watching, and taking down names and numbers.

By not interfering in the debacle interference started in the first place, the market will cycle naturally, which will allow those people with sufficient funds to (finally) afford a home.

Interrupting the flow only serves the undeserving.

Let’s see who gets re-elected come November.

“The market here is very different…” -The most persistent delusion of all.


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