Who rates the ratings agencies?

A fair question in these tumultuous times in the market for Asset Backed Securities.

If it isn’t clear by now that the whole debt-as-security model was corrupted and abused for profit along every link in the chain, then you must read this. You will learn:

How all the ducks were aligned and enabled the greatest ripoff in the histroy of a nation!

How a ploy ouf of Reagan’s old playbook (plausiable deniability: “I don’t remember”) helped rig the system and fuel the crash!

The single greatest mistake in the enitre history of the SEC!

Clamming up: Shhh! don’t you know this is a conspiracy of silence!?!

Conflict! (of interest!)

How you too can be raped- for a fee!

If you read that, and you want the book which assembles a clear picture of just how big the tub of goo is we just landed in, click here.

Who watches the watchmen?


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