OPM to finance war? WTF?

What else would you expect from the land that brought you the infomercial, how to get rich without effort (because you friggin’ you deserve it!), wealth built on defrauding your fellow Americans, and sweet rides purchased using the 2/28 refi plan?

Hey people, your leaders have taken out jumbo non-conforming loans in your name, generously paid their friends (who toil selflessly at the various military industrial entities) with the proceeds, and left you (and me), the taxpayer-borrower, holding the bag.

Are we made of straw here or what?

Think we’ll ever be able to pay it off? When the bill comes due, China et al might just have to foreclose on our ass:

The U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost taxpayers a total of $2.4 trillion by 2017 when counting the huge interest costs because combat is being financed with borrowed money, according to a study released on Wednesday.

Prepare your children to say bye bye to U.S.A., and hello to slave labor camp! It not so bad!


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