Make mine a Jagged Edge

September 27, 2007


Picture, 1,000 words, etc. et al

September 25, 2007

The class struggle in Kennebunkport, Maine

September 24, 2007

“If every American had to pool-boy for these people for a day, you’d have a revolution on your hands,” is how he sees things.

Dollars for doughnuts?
Well, yes, if they’re from the Great White North. Foreign investing: it’s your dollar-declining, inflation fighting, friend. YMMV.

Shoddy craftsmanship?
Pissed off about the poor quality of homebuilding over the last few decades? Bought a defective home from one of the large homebuilders, only to find it defective?

Find yourself in binding arbitration, where the deck is stacked in favor of the builder, completely against you and feeling just a bit, erm, screwed by the system?

You might be pleased to know there is an organization formed to assist people like you in your gut-wrenching time of need.

Homeowners Against Deficient Dwellings.

That’s a deuce-and-change for bilking the banks
Mortgage faudster guilty in Atlanta, sentenced to twenty-eight years.

Wait four years, at least
The trend of housing prices is, according to someone knowledgable in investing in futures, downward. Includes some hand-dandy charts showing reductions in major cities of between 15% and 30%.

If you count inflation (real inflation, not the bogus CPI numbers the minstry of truth passes off) then, if you are invested in appreciating foreign currenies, it gets even better!

Go you!

The cure for obesity in America?

September 17, 2007

Coming soon:

There are no quick-fixes or “silver bullets” as Bush likes to say. It’ll take years to dig our way out of this mess. In the meantime, there’s little to look forward to except the steady weakening of the dollar, the persistent decline in housing and the looming police-state apparatus that’s supposed to keep us in line while the soup kitchens open.

Stop the insanity

In the conspiracy which will be known as the housing crash of 2008, I and others like me are the only blameless party,

Those who were suckers for the bad loans and the suckers that loaned them the money are COMPLETELY TO BLAME, and deserve no reward beyond what they reap.

Call me Captain Sensible, but this has the ring of truth to my ears.

Hey Greenspan
How can we miss you when you won’t go away?

Sick and tired

September 17, 2007

of being sick and tired.

A mortgage broker appeals for help!

Watch out where the huskys go

September 12, 2007

and… hey! is that a polar bear!?!

Simply amazing, eh?

Cheap at the price

September 11, 2007

Hey, it’s in San Diego, so it’s gotta be worth like a whole lot, right?


Bush, Bernanke and a bad bailout
I thought bail was for criminals?

Like these guys. (Note: pretend it is dated April 1).

Johnny Rotten Judges Pop Stars and Politicians

I guess I was holding out hope …

… that Hillary’s going to save the day? No. There’s a woman with a vendetta. She’s got to get one back on manhood. Be very, very aware: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Obama’s dense as a doorbell, not much going on up there, it’s a wooden top. You need someone really, really on the money.

Kitschy-kitschy koo!