I Hear that Train a-rolling

It’s coming down the track…

Ahhhh, good times. What a great viddy.

I just gotta say, tho, with all the comparisons being made to the Great Depression, many people still point the wagging finger at Herbert Hoover (his portrait makes a brief appearance here, followed immediately by that of Franklin Roosevelt).

While it’s true he’s the man that was in office when it all went belly up in 1929, keep in mind that he had only been in office about 6 months when the shite hit the rotating blades.

The policy of his numb-nuts predecessor, Calvin Coolidge, who was little more than a stooge for corporate interests (ring a bell?) were, if one wants to place blame, far more likely responsible for the crash due to policies (deaf ear, blind eye) originated during his adminstration.

We need to make sure we give credit where credit is due.

Just as we surely will should those trying times be visited upon us again.

You can bet Bush and Cheney et al are counting on just that kind of oversight.

(Perhaps my memory is faulty, but IIRC didn’t Ronny Raygun express admiration for Coolidge sometime during his tenure? I recall being somewhat bemused- and somewhat miffed- cos surely if any man got- and continues to get- a bum rap, it was Herbert. H.)

With a tip o’ that hat to HP.


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