Stopping jihadsts in their tracks

You might wonder what could possibly stop idealogist bombers who consent to die quite willingly for their religion.

What if I told you there was a way to make them stop?

And it wouldn’t require anything other than a cenerted program
Then we could stop this stupid war on terror… if that’s really what it is al about.

The solution?

Pigs. Big meaty hogs with an appetite.

In a nice, wet, muddy pen.

What do we fed them?

The remains of terrorists.

Some Al Qaeda dude wants to blow hisself up?

Discretely inform him beforehand that we will make every effort to gather up everything that remains of him… and feed him to the hogs.

And then (this is optional) we will force any family left behind by this holy warrior to eat bacon sandwiches for a month.

Think he wants to die when we can prevent him from gettng into heaven?

Problem solved.

Next: the economy.


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