Korporate Kulture Killed my Dog

It was your elected officials who done you wrong.

With increasing home foreclosures will come increasing bankruptcies. But with the 2005 BK ‘reform‘ act newer, more draconian requirements effectively makes anyone looking for a fresh start due to poor personal decisions, a bad market conditions, or out-and-out deception SOL.

Unless they happen to be wealthy:

The prohibition on modifying mortgage debt applies only to primary homes. Borrowers wealthy enough to own more than one home can restructure the debt on second or even third homes.

Sure, maybe a few people took advantage of bankruptcy in the past just to erase their debts and start over without penance- ready to do it all over again.

To you scalawags that had revolving bankruptcies, take note: fraud is only acceptable when it’s corporate or government sponsored. Y’know, like Enron, Tyco, Global Crossing, New Century, Ameriquest, etc.

Those overblown claims will probably be more than matched- Trumped!– by the way corporate interests will rape, pillage, and immolate entire families in the coming years.

Good times!

Yes, Lassie, not even the dog will be spared the royal screwing.

Out of Their League
Many books read in high school can have a profound effect on one’s personal development and outlook on life.

Dave Meggysey wrote the seminal NFL players book Out of Their League, published in 1970. But it’s not what most people wanted to know. Consequently, not many people have ever read it, despite it’s excellence.

Dave was a rare combination: a pro football player (1963-1969)- intellectual- lefty- Vietnam war protester- union organizer. His book, like Ball Four, brought forth an insiders view of professional sports. Out of Their League was different from Ball Four in that Dave took a socio-political tack to expose organized sports, as opposed to Jim Bouton’s rambunctious, hormone-driven point of view.

As a football minded high school athlete I read his book, which planted a seed. I started to change my own view about my own reasons for playing the game. The savage brutality that one is subected to- yes, even in high school- for a small shot at a brief time on the field ultimately, for me, wouldn’t prove worth it.

Sometimes, taking something you love to do, and turn it into a business, completely guts any possibility for enjoyment.

When you willfully subject yourself to the meat grinder, you have to ask yourself: who’s profiting from my pain and my injury? And am I stupid- or just a masochist- if I continue?

Haven’t seen hide nor hair of Dave since the ’70’s (on the Tonight Show with guest host George Carlin, believe it or not), and low and behold an interview pops up here. Dave’s been a representative for the NFL Players Association since 1981.

Good to know he’s still fightin’ the good fight after all these years.


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