The Big Lies

Read something today that got me thinking. Are Americans living a lie? Many lies? If so, what lies could these possibly be?

Lie: Americans are more prosperous than ever before.

Fact: Personal debt is not prosperity. Debt is at an all time high, and savings at an all time low (in fact it is negative).

Lie: We’re winning the war in Iraq.

Fact: The US has retrenched deeply, and the government expects to be there until 2060 (not that they’ll tell you that).

Lie: Americans are amongst the healthiest people on the planet.

Fact: The US has the highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized nations. The “pill,” metaphorically speaking, is a false premise, and has deceived many into believing Big Pharma is their savior, when it’s simply snake-oil salesman become “strictly legitimate.” This reliance on “meds” has enabled some peculiar and aberrant behavior.

Lie: God blessed America.

Fact: Who does God call God? If it isn’t clear to anyone by now, there is no savior coming to take you to take you away, unless you pray real hard and a couple of guys in white coats show up. Give it up, and try out faith in your fellow man.

Lie: America is the land of the free.

Fact: Middle class Americans are enslaved by debt. Americans have a government which no longer represents the needs of the citizen, but the needs of the corporation.

Lie: Americans are guaranteed by their Constitution they can pursue a life of happiness.

Fact: Most Americans are unhappy. If Americans are so happy, why are they always starting wars?


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