Holy Moly

OMFG Noooo!

Hybrid’s not what it’s cracked up to be? Then sue.

Of course if the goal here is to save money, then why overpay for something that a classic vehicle can get you, namely, class leading mpg?

30 grand buys a lot of dino juice.

What a moron.

Speaking of Morons
Hoorah! Clueless just needs one more point to catch Nixon!

Who said elections were just popularity polls?

Note: Time wounds all heals.

Something to take solace in!

That’s about par for the course
A popular music teacher’s vids are yanked off Youtube after a music publishing company whines like a little bitch.

And of course the witless pussies at Gootube comply.

Nevermind the additional sales down the line this activity might have generated by students buying really old music their grandparents once listened to.

Someone should wake these fuckers up and bitch slap some sense into them.

Short sighted and greedy are no way to get through life.

BTW: that guy in the next cubicle who is always humming Mariah Carey tunes: I think I’ll make an anonymous tip to to BMI/ASCAP.

That should shut him up!

Pic o da day
Don’t let Garrison Keillor ee this…


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